We're built different out here.

Top class bicycles. Made in Namibia.

A letter from our founder


The Holy Fire

Our 'road plus' model, designed for the roads of this world and the roads we dream of.

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Original Gravel Model 1

Our first true gravel bike. For land as tough as ours.

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More colour

All types of steel-framed bikes, using specialist Columbus tubing from Italy, made entirely by hand in Omaruru.

Not yet, but custom sizing is available, and you have a choice of colours for your frame (sage green, sand, or ochre red) paired with our ONGUZA brand yellow cow print fork and stem. We work hard to create bike models we consider to be the best in class, and we'll make sure our bikes fit every kind of body. Our customers have ranged from 6'4 to 5'. We require a bike fit to ensure your bike is perfect for you.

You can pay a deposit for your bike right here on this site which will secure your place in the build queue, but feel free to reach out to us on hello@onguza.com for more information and arrange a call. We accept card payments via Shopify or PayPal, bank transfers, or Venmo for our American customers.

After you've paid your deposit and shared your bike fit details, we will confirm the spec and geometry, including your choice of frame colour and shipping details. Each bike takes about 3 weeks from build to completion. Lead times depend on our current waitlist.

We ship internationally, with rates and taxes varying by destination. If your country is not included in our pricing information tab on the product page, please email us on hello@onguza.com for options.

Dan Craven is the majority owner of Pangolin CC (ONGUZA is our trading name), Petrus Mufenge and Sakaria Nkolo, the senior builders of ONGUZA bicycles, are shareholders in the business.

Our name comes from an old Namibian word 'okuti-onguza' in the Himba and Herero languages meaning, "the great expanse of desert out there".


"My wife and I each bought ourselves Onguza gravel bikes. I mean WOW!! I cannot explain it but it just rides so incredibly well."

Danie Lategan, SRAM EU MTB & Road Technical Manager, Schweinfurt

"I'm in love with this piece of art. Incredible, beautiful, thoughtful details. Comfort at first ride. 6+ hr races, it felt like a magic carpet."

Julian Robinet, Cinematographer, Cape Town

"It's a perfect bike."

Martin Freyer, The 2022 Munga Winner, Namibia