We're built different out here

Top class bicycles. Made in Namibia. Coming soon.

A letter from our founder

More colour

All types of steel-framed bikes, made by hand in Omaruru, but we'll drop one model at a time. The first drop will happen some time in April 2022. Sign up to our newsletter to get a first look.

Not now. But custom sizing will be.

We sell bicycle models in limited drops (between 5-25: when they're gone they're gone). Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when a new release is coming. You can reserve a bike from the drop by paying the materials deposit (approx 20% of the total cost of the fully built bicycle, depending on the model). After this, we'll be in touch to confirm sizing, delivery and other specifications. When your bicycle is ready, you'll be notified and can make the final payment.

We ship internationally, with rates and taxes varying by destination. Bicycles are also available for pick-up in Omaruru. This can be discussed and decided after the materials pre-order is made.

EU-based customers: Namibia is a member of the SADC meaning the EU grants 100% duty-free and quota-free access to all imports from Namibia.

Dan Craven is the majority owner of Pangolin CC, Petrus Mufenge and Sakaria Nkolo, the master builders of Onguza, are shareholders in the business.

Our name comes from an old Namibian word 'okuti-onguza' in the Himba and Herero languages meaning, "the great expanse of desert out there".